Every child has a right to education; however, many parents/guardians in Kiryandongo Refugee settlement cannot afford to support their children in school due to financial constraints and other family hardships among others. As a result, many children end up losing access to quality education or keeping frustrated in school thus contributing to high school drop-out rates.

GRI therefore started its sponsorship program to support and secure the education of children from such vulnerable backgrounds firstly at Ubuntu Model Primary school and then later to other primary schools within the settlement. In close collaboration with the school administration and other stakeholders, children from most vulnerable homes were identified and recommended for this program.

“I lost my daughter and her husband to the war in South Sudan where we were happily living, since then I assumed full responsibility of these children, the house we constructed collapsed and we were offered this one by a sympathizer at church to occupy for free till further notice, weak as I am there’s nothing much I can do to earn a living, we are fully dependent on support from UNHCR and well-wishers from our church. Am so humbled by your visit and my heart is filled with gratitude for GRI and Ubuntu Model P/S for allowing my two grandchildren to study freely without any disturbances otherwise they would be home with me just like their elder sister here.” Idita Kamisa Said, South Sudanese Refugee.

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