Forests and Innovation; New Solutions for a Better World (The theme for International Forests Day 2024)

GRI’s environmental kids club members planting trees

At GRI we recognize the critical role forests play in sustaining life on our planet and as such through our environment program in schools in Kiryandongo refugee settlement and host communities, we advocate for a peaceful co-existence between man and his environment. We do this through classroom teachings & reading, tree planting, recycling plastics and other materials, taking nature walks among others.

We engage our environment kids club members in tree planting and maintaining and also support and encourage them to keep planting trees in their homes and as well educate their parents/guardians about the importance of trees, emphasizing that trees/ Forests, known as Earth’s lungs, are vital for a balanced environment, they filter harmful carbon dioxide from the air and are essential for life, they provide food, water and shelter for both humans and animals, and that by cutting down these trees we risk losing these irreplaceable ecosystems around the world.

Together lets plant more trees in Kiryandongo refugee settlement and host communities. Click here to support the cause. Happy International Forest Day 2024