Our Work

Access to Justice

Global Refugee Initiatives provides rights-based all-inclusive access to justice services; addressing several critical issues that directly affect lives, and increase vulnerability of refugee and IDP women, men, and children. The access to justice interventions are guided by the necessity to identify, prevent, and respond to issues that increase individual’s exposure to violence, intimidation, and deliberate deprivation.

Economic Empowerment

Global Refugee Initiative’s Economic Empowerment activities focus on providing long-term solutions to the economic challenges of refugees, Internally Displaced Persons, and their hosts.
The activities are designed in collaboration with communities, are context specific and take into account both immediate and long-term needs of individuals and families, within actions aimed at increasing production capacities and promoting income.


Global Refugee Initiatives’ education program is driven by our ultimate belief in the power of education as an essential pathway to a better and brighter future for children and nations. Therefore, GRI’s education programs aim to overcome the obstacles in education and to ensure refugees, IDP and Host Community Children have access to inclusive, quality education within a protective and enabling environment. We have adopted a holistic approach to address the current obstacles in education among the communities we serve through:

  • Psycho-social support to survivors of traumatic experiences in conflict and disaster
  • Special focus on areas where schools are overcrowded with large influx of refugees and IDPs
  • Support to existing schools and capacity building for staff
  • Taking necessary measures, to enhance the quality of teaching and learning
  • Support and promotion for women roles in education
  • Providing nutrition and hygiene services
  • Enhancing the participation of parents and communities in education programs
  • Environmental education


We believe in a world where health is truly a basic human right. Through our medical centres, we aim to provide concrete access for refugees, IDPs, and the host communities with treatment, prevention, and health management services to cater for their physical and mental health needs.
We help to improve local health care infrastructure and to empower the communities to take care of their health.
GRI is continually exploring new opportunities for creative programs that would support more people and save more lives. Due to its humanitarian character, the organization adapts to demands that arise and makes use of available resources to respond to prevailing crisis.