The Fruit of Passion and Hard Work

An Update

In August, we reported about our newly launched passion fruit project. In partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Global Refugee Initiatives provided farmer groups in Kiryandongo refugee settlement with seedlings, land and training for passion fruit growing. Four months later, we are wondering: How are our gardens? What are our farmers up to?

An update from our Livelihoods Officer:

“Now, our passion fruit gardens have reached the flowering stage. This is the most critical stage for all farmers to assist the plants in giving more flowers which eventually turn into more fruits. At this stage, we recommend fertilizer application, rich in potassium, nitrogen and calcium, to strengthen our fruit quality and avoid flower abortion. Also, management of pests and diseases like fungal attacks is very key at this stage, preparing for the bumper harvest.”

Brian Gonzaga, GRI Livelihoods Officer

Harvest time is approaching!

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