Empowering Futures: My Home Stars Partners with Global Refugees Initiatives

Recently, My Home Stars and Global Refugee Initiatives launched a strategic partnership. The motivation behind this partnership stems from the mutual commitment we share to provide accessible education to children impacted by conflicts in refugee camps and other educationally deprived regions. Subsequently, a pilot program introducing the 5 STAZ educational games at GRI’s School, Ubuntu Model Primary School in Bweyale was executed. The games are intricately designed to captivate and engage children in the Ugandan Educational Curriculum, particularly targeting Primary 4, 5, 6, and 7. They encompass the four key modules (Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies) taught at the primary school level in Uganda, aligning with the syllabus and updated on a termly basis.

Fun and instructive: The learners of Ubuntu Model Primary School testing the game.

Spending almost a week working with GRI to implement the game-based learning program using the 5 Staz games, was a very memorable achievement for us. From interacting with teachers at Ubuntu Model Primary School, it is very clear that the teachers are committed to ensuring that the children can access quality education in order to reach their career goal and achieve their life potential. Teachers from Ubuntu and the entire GRI staff acknowledge the fact that children inherently love to play and learn in a child friendly space which is also visible from the different activities integrated into their learning programs. While at Ubuntu Model Primary schoool, I got to learn a lot about their Environmental Kids Club, Music Dance and Drama and Awareness Clubs which makes me excited about this collaboration and getting to add the 5 Staz as a resource for teachers and students.

– Erick Ziponi, Program Manager My Home Stars –
The teachers also get to try: Training the teachers on how to integrate the game into their lessons.

It was an amazing experience for the first time learning to use the 5 Staz games. These educational board games are simplified and suitable for our learners. I am very sure that these games will greatly impact our children’s performance as they move forward. Both learners and teachers enjoyed the games. I thank GRI and My Home Stars for bringing the board games to Ubuntu Model Primary School.”

– Fred Omuno Ronald, Ubuntu Model Primary School Head Teacher –

Beyond the academic set-up, GRI has established a vibrant culture among all the Staff member, and brought on board teachers who are passionate, and great team players which really made my work of running the pilot much easier. Needless to say, the commitment of the organization to enhance the financial status and livelihood of parents and children in the community through the livelihood enhancement program and the sustainability program is humbling.”

— Erick Ziponi added
The Environmental Clubs shows off some of the vegetables they have grown in the school premises

For the beginning, these educational games will be utilized for two weeks at the onset of the upcoming term, specifically for Primary Three students. The aim is to offer supplementary lessons that will bolster their comprehension of class subjects as they progress to Primary Four.

Long term, this partnership is going to focus on five key objectives including;

  1. Increased outreach and education access to underprivileged children through increasing awareness of educational opportunities for refugee children with limited access to quality education.
  2. Improve our program synergy and complementarity through identifying areas of expertise in each of our organizations and leverage them for a more comprehensive educational offering and develop joint programs that complement each other, providing a more holistic educational experience.
  3. Capacity building and resource sharing by sharing new educational materials like the 5 Staz, learning approaches, and best practices that will make teachers more effective facilitators.
  4. Improve and enhance community engagement in areas where our partner schools are located through the design and implementation of our various educational programs.
  5. Joint fundraising strategies for long-term educational planning to adapt to changing needs and contexts.

We are so excited and as this partnership unfolds, we not only hope to enhance educational access but also to contribute to the holistic development of children in underprivileged communities that we both serve.

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