Exploring the Benefits of Block Farming to our Refugee Groups

Part 3

Welcome to our newest episode of Exploring the Benefits of Block Farming to our Refugee Groups.  Today, get to understand how the farming activities with GRI empower refugees economically. But also, hear about the challenges due to water scarcity during the dry season and the solutions GRI provides to the farmer groups.

Up to today, access to water for agricultural production has been one of the major challenges for our refugee farmer groups. In order to provide a sustainable solution to this challenge, GRI, with the support of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), is currently digging a deep well and installing a solar-powered irrigation system. The watering system will enable farmers to cultivate throughout the dry season, thereby increasing food security and generating additional income.

Zakayo, one of our refugee farmers, is looking forward to the facilitated access to water for the gardens:

We used to fetch water from the tank to the crop field which is a very long distance. It’s a real blessing to get the deep well which we will depend on.


Listen to his full statement in Kiswahili:

Deep well under construction