Hope Away From Home

World Refugee Day 2023

Every year on June 20th, we commemorate the World Refugee Day. To address existing challenges and to encourage international solidarity for displaced people, UNHCR highlights a different theme every year. This years World Refugee Day focuses on the power of inclusion.

Giving refugees a voice and listening to their concerns is of key importance for a genuine and prosperous inclusion.

Today, Leon David Duku, a South Sudanese refugee staying in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, shares with us what gives him hope away from home:


GRI participates in Run 4 Climate event!

On the 18th of June 2023, Global Refugee Initiatives participated in the highly anticipated Run 4 Climate event, an initiative organised by our Partners Tree Adoption Uganda (TAU) aimed at raising funds for tree planting and environmental conservation.

One of the highlights of our participation was the involvement of children from our esteemed Environmental Kids Club program. These young environmental enthusiasts showed their dedication and passion for a greener future by participating in the children’s 4km race. Their energy and enthusiasm were truly inspiring, serving as a reminder that the future lies in the hands of our young generation.

“I believe that engaging children in environmental initiatives is crucial for building a sustainable future.”

Peter Tumusiime, GRI staff representative.

Moreover, we are proud to share that GRI staff members and well-wishers also took part in the 10km race. By actively participating, our team demonstrated their personal commitment to environmental sustainability while supporting the overarching goals of the event and aligns perfectly with GRI’s mission to promote renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions, and create a more sustainable world.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the organizers and everyone who participated, including the children from the Environmental Kids Club, GRI staff members, and all the well-wishers who contributed to the success of the event. Your commitment to the environment and your support are truly commendable.

Let’s continue working together to create a greener, more sustainable future for all. Remember, every small step counts!


Meet the GRI Founders Part 2

Frans Wittermans

“I work as an independent international consultant in the private sector development. As a board member of GRI, I am overseeing the economic empowerment program. I strongly believe in supporting our target group members to become self-sufficient. Through education, peace-building, improving health, generating income and personal development, our “beneficiaries” become partners. Together we build communities and create well-being.”

Frans Wittermans, GRI Board Member

Want to know more about the GRI Board of Directors? Here the full profiles.


The Right to Play

Every child has the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts

UN Convention on the rights of the child, Article 31.1

Kids develop essential motor skills through physical games and improve their social competencies as they interact with peers. Likewise, rest is key to recuperate and to have a fresh mind for class.

Our learners at Ubuntu Model Primary School enjoy their breaks everyday. The school compound turns into a place of joyful playing of all kinds of games.

Madol Kuneng from Primary 3 shared with us his favorite games:

“I like playing netball, football and skipping ropes. I play with my friends.”

Madol Kuneng

Curious what breaktime at Ubuntu Model Primary School looks like?


A milestone for GRI’s Development

This week, GRI successfully held it’s inception meeting. The team presented GRI’s implemented activities and as well as it’s future plans in front of key stakeholders. Representatives of Kiryandongo District, Local Government, Bweyale Town Council, Refugee Welfare Committees, UNHCR and OPM Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement attended the meeting and expressed their appreciation for GRI’s contribution to the much needed assistance in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement.

GRI thanks all stakeholders for their attention and collaboration.


Go to the field with Brian, our Livelihoods Officer !

GRI intends to install a solar-powered irrigation system. It will enable farmers to cultivate throughout the dry season, thereby increasing food security and generating additional income. If this initiative has caught your attention and you wish to support us visit our donation site.


Holiday time at Ubuntu

Our learners successfully completed their first term at Ubuntu Model Primary School.

Congratulations to all of you and enjoy your school holiday!


What is your environment telling you? Take your time to see, listen and smell !

This week we went on a nature walk with the Environmental Kids Club from Bweyale Public Primary School. Together, we discovered our immediate environment, using all our senses. We also observed some environmental threats, such as littering and pollution, soil degradation and the downsides of growing non-indigenous trees, and discussed potential solutions.

Nature walks allow the kids to get in physical touch with the environment and also offer a hands on experience and medium of passing on environmental conservation messages in a fun way, rather than in class lessons.

Angera Nduhukire – GRI Environment Officer

Global Refugee Initiatives’ commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Porridge time is bonding time

Students enjoying their nourishing porridge in the school compound.

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 3) Good Health and Well-Being, Global Refugee Initiatives provides healthy and nutritious meals to its students at Ubuntu Model Primary School. Besides combatting malnutrition, the school feeding improves the students learning achievements as a full belly is key for concentration.


Water – The Source of Life

In acknowledgment of the importance of water for the entire ecosystem including human life, we are celebrating world water day today! We all rely on water, be it for daily use, drinking, cooking and bathing, or economic purposes. Whilst for some parts of the world population daily water supply is a given and stable, others have to invest a lot of effort to access water.

In Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, mid western Uganda, people mostly rely on shallow wells and boreholes to access water. However, the wells are not reliable as they tend to dry out during dry season and alternative access points are limited. Moreover, some refugees struggle to pay the monthly access fee of 2000 Ugandan Shillings. In consequence, the average water consumption per person in the settlement is far below the national average.

“The boreholes have many issues. Every week, the mechanics have to come to repair. That’s why we have to pay to use the boreholes.”

Oliver, a Congolese refugee and member of GRI’s farming group

The water scarcity comes along with a set of challenges, especially poor hygiene, making it easy for infections to spread, but it also affects farming, thus food availability. The dry season and scarcity of water also impacts the agricultural production of GRI’s farming groups.

“My group cannot afford the 10’000 Shilling per month to use the borehole close to the garden and the water we can fetch at the school is too little. We also suffer from carrying the jerrycans, the weight is too much.”


In order to provide a sustainable solution to this challenge, GRI intends to install a solar-powered irrigation system. It will enable farmers to cultivate throughout the dry season, thereby increasing food security and generating additional income. If this initiative has caught your attention and you wish to support us visit our donation site.