Building our Capacities on Mental Health

In order to improve our services provided to the refugee communities in Kiryandongo, we strongly support all initiatives building the capacities of our staff. Last week our GRI team, including the teachers of Ubuntu Model Primary School, completed a three-day training on mental health. The course covered a broad spectrum of issues such as trauma and trauma healing, gender-based violence, suicidality, hygiene education and life skills. Our team members acquired practical skills in counseling and psycho-social support.

We very much appreciate and thank Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative (WPDI) for carrying out this training and sharing their grand expertise with GRI. The training had a great impact on our team and inspired all of us to work harder for the well-being of our learners at Ubuntu Model Primary School as well as of the surrounding refugee communities.

Hear more about how the training has impacted our team members:

“As a head teacher, I have learnt skills to handle individual differences of learners. I have to bear with children after learning that their behavior is usually a result of their experience. The course has made a significant contribution to my intellectual development.”

Head Teacher
Ubuntu Model Primary School

“The training was very incredible and opened up to me certain things I had not known. Depression, anxiety, trauma, all these are cases we have and I am now empowered on how to identify them and handle appropriately. Today’s narrative approach was powerful and I loved it!”

Teacher Fred
Ubuntu Model Primary School

“This workshop will help me to understand my childrens feelings, mental health and also their acts. I also learnt ways to support the prevention of suicide.”

Teacher Immaculate
Ubuntu Model Primary School

“Working with refugees is quite interesting since it exposes me to a diversity of cultures and traditions in the settlement which serves as a learning opportunity for me. But it also comes with a number of challenges. Am grateful to WPDI for supporting us with this training in trauma healing and adolescent health. The training has enabled me to acquire skills in handling trauma, depression and anxiety conditions and to learn how to assess the people of concern based on their presenting signs and symptoms. As GRI livelihoods officer, the skills acquired are going to impact a lot the services we give to the people of concern since we shall be assisting them to improve their mental health, social well-being, environment and economic empowerment.”

GRI Livelihoods Officer