Report Misconduct

Online Complaint Form

Have you experienced or witnessed any kind of misconduct within GRI programs?

Do you wish to report a case of abusive behavior, harassment or exploitation?

Please find below our Online Complaint Form.

Before you fill out the Complaint Form, please note:

– The GRI Complaint Committee is committed to ensure confidentiality of all information submitted through this form and throughout the entire investigation.

– You can submit a complaint anonymously, meaning without disclosing your personal details. The name, email and phone number field are optional. However, be aware, the more details you provide the faster a comprehensive investigation can be launched.

– In case you do not receive any reply to your complaint within two weeks after submission please contact: However, please know that the GRI Complaint Committee does not answer to complaints which have no evident link to GRI or if the submitted information is not sufficient to launch an investigation. 

Please provide following information when reporting misconduct:

  • What alleged wrongdoing are you reporting? Describe what happened, including as many details as possible that you know.
  • Who committed the alleged wrongdoing? Do you know if anyone else was involved? Provide full names, titles and organisation, if possible.
  • When and where did the incident(s) happen? Indicate date(s) and time(s), if available.
  • How did the individual commit the alleged wrongdoing?
  • Please indicate if you have any supporting evidence to corroborate your allegation, which you could share with the GRI Complaint Committee.

Online Complaint Form